How To Get A Loan From First Nell Loan App (A Step-By-Step Guide)

First Nell Loan App is a financial loan application that allows you get a loan and pay back at a convenient time.

Whether you need to borrow money to sort out medical expenses, pay for vehicle repairs, or get some foodstuff before your salary lands, you may need not worry because the FirstNell Loan App is here to stand for you.

In this very article, we’ll guide you through the process of how to get a loan from the First Nell Loan app, ‘ a mobile financial application for Android users.

More so, other things you may be asking for such as their legitimacy, the First Nell loan app requirements, steps to get a loan, and other things about them have been included in this article.

We could say this article is all about the First Nell loan app review because we give an overview of how to borrow money from them and everything users want to know about them.

About First Nell Loan App

The First Nell Loan App is said to be a non-bank financial institution company that provides loans for people to meet their financial needs at the appropriate time.

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This company enables users to get a loan without the need to visit any bank branch.

With this company, you can get a loan without collateral or paperwork, you just need to download the First Nell Loan app and pass their requirements.

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First Nell Loan App is a Merit Finance Credit Corporation Limited which is duly registered with the Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) and insured by NDIC.

How Much Can I Borrow From FirstNell Loan App Online?

Though, you can get a loan on the First Nell loan app without collateral conveniently, however, the Borrowable amount is limited to just N60,000.

Currently, you may not be able to borrow more than N60,000 from first nell loan app, yet, if you need more than that, you can give Kobogo a trial.

First Nell Loan Types

Below are the types of loans offered by First Nell Loan app.

1. Salary Advance: With the help of First Nell loan app, you don’t need to wait so long again as a salary earner. First Nell loan app could be your best pick when it comes to getting salary advance.

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You can quickly borrow up to N60,000 and a minimum of N1,500 and pay later.

2. Cash Loan: Traditionally, instant cash loans are offered by the top financial institutions.

However, one of the advantages of using first nell personal loan app is the opportunity to conveniently get cash loans from them.

The only difference between First Nell Personal Loan app and the top commercial banks in Nigeria is the fact that you can get a loan from up to millions of commercial banks with collateral while you can only get a loan from First Nell Loan app within the range of N1,500 and N60,000 only without collateral.

3. Online Loan: Merit Financial Credit Corporation Limited (MFCCL) incorporated with firstnell bank app enables you to get access to loans online anytime and wherever you find yourself inasmuch there’s access to data connection.

The borrowable amount also ranges from N1,500 to N60,000 only.

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4. Private Loans: Sometimes, you might need some money to attend and spend in occasions like anniversary, holiday etc. Firstnell loan app also provides loan on that at a competitive interest rate.

FirstNell Loan Requirements

Ready to borrow money from first nell loan app? Another thing I’ll like you to know on how to get a loan from first nell loan app is their requirements, read their requirements below.

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen living in Nigeria.
  • Be at least 19 years of age
  • Havea functioning phone to download first nell loan app.
  • You must not have any pending loans to repay
  • Have an active bank account with BVN to get the money disbursed.
How to get a loan from first nell loan app

How to get a loan from first nell loan app

How To Get A Loan From First Nell Loan App

While most of the things you should know about first nell personal loan app as been writing above, here is a step by step guidelines on how to borrow money from first nell loan app.

1. Download First Nell App From App Store

The very first step you would need to take is to download the app from any app store.

There are many app stores, downloading from Google play store for android is highly recommended because it’s a platform owned by Google which is a trusted source. However, you can download from any store so far they are trusted.

2. Create Account On First Nell App

Once you’ve successfully downloaded and installed the app, open it and create your account.

Note: Ensure you use a password, code or pin you can easily remember and before only you have access to your first nell account.

3. Complete Your Profile

Without the completion of your profile, you may not be able to get a loan from first nell loan app even if you use the first nell loan app USSD code it cannot work, hence, you must complete by providing all the required details in your firstnell loan app account.

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After you’ve successfully completed given all required details then you can tap “submit”.

4. Choose You First Nell Loan Amount

Here, the amount you want to borrow from soft naira loan app will be decided by you.

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However, you need to remember that the minimum amount of money you can borrow ranges from the sum of N1,600 to N60,000 only.

5. Choose Your Repayment Period

The next step you need to take to borrow money from first nell loan app is to choose your repayment period.

Note: The maximum duration of your loan is 180 days.

6. Wait For Approval & Disbursement

Lastly, once you’ve followed all the steps above, you would need to wait for your loan approval.

If fortunately your loan is approved, they will get it disbursed into the given bank account in less than 24 hours.

Is First Nell Loan App Legit?

This is a common question asked by user’s, however, we’d recommend you download first nell loan app from Google play store where you will see all users reviews about the app.

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When most reviews are positive and minimum of 4.0 ratings then, you should believed it’s safe to use but if it’s full of negative reviews it’s highly not recommended for you to use.

Gently read what users are saying about the app, this will surely guide you on making an informed decision.


As the growth of fintech company is increasing day by day in Nigeria, you need to be extra careful not to fall victim of some that disguise like real company.

Before you will ever take a step to borrow money loan app (s) online, ensure you’ve went through their users reviews, this will keep you in the safer side.

You’ve just read everything you need to know about how to get a loan from first nell loan app, however, it’s still compulsory you go through their users reviews on the Google play store so as to enable you to make an informed decision.


Many loan apps change their interest rates and repayment terms over time. Always review the terms and conditions carefully before downloading any loan app. B4loan doesn't promote any loan app, we just help you make informed decisions.

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