MoMo, short for Mobile Money, has become a popular way to send and receive funds in many African countries. If you’re a MoMo agent, you earn commissions on these transactions. But how do you access that earned income? This guide will explain how to liquidate your MoMo commission easily.

How to liquidate momo commission

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Your MoMo registered phone number
  • Your MoMo PIN
  • A trusted MoMo agent (if withdrawing cash)
  • Your bank account details (for bank transfer)

Understanding Liquidation:

Liquidation simply means converting your MoMo commission into a usable form. There are two main ways to achieve this:

  1. Cash Withdrawal: This involves transferring your commission from your MoMo wallet to cash through a registered MoMo agent.
  2. Bank Transfer: You can transfer your commission directly to your linked bank account for easy access.

Liquidating Through a MoMo Agent (Cash Withdrawal):

  1. Locate a trusted MoMo agent in your area.
  2. Dial the MoMo menu code on your phone (this may vary depending on your network provider).
  3. Select “Withdraw Cash” or a similar option.
  4. Enter the agent’s MoMo number.
  5. Input the amount you want to withdraw (ensure it doesn’t exceed your available commission).
  6. Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm the transaction.
  7. The agent will receive a notification and prompt you for cash.
  8. Hand over the cash and receive a confirmation message upon successful withdrawal.

Liquidating Through Bank Transfer:

  1. Ensure your MoMo wallet is linked to your bank account. (You can usually do this through the MoMo app or by contacting your network provider.)
  2. Dial the MoMo menu code and select “Transfer” or a similar option.
  3. Choose “Bank Transfer” as the transfer type.
  4. Select the linked bank account you want to transfer the funds to.
  5. Enter the amount you want to transfer (ensure it doesn’t exceed your available commission).
  6. Enter your MoMo PIN to confirm the transaction.
  7. You’ll receive a confirmation message upon successful transfer. The funds should reflect in your bank account within the specified processing time (usually 24 hours).
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  • Are there any fees for liquidation? Yes, there might be a small fee associated with both cash withdrawal and bank transfer. This fee typically varies depending on the amount you’re liquidating and your network provider.
  • What is the minimum amount I can liquidate? The minimum amount for liquidation may vary depending on your network provider. It’s best to check with your provider directly for specific details.
  • What if I don’t have a trusted MoMo agent? You can locate registered agents through your network provider’s website or app. Look for the “Agent Locator” or similar feature.
  • Can I liquidate my commission to someone else’s bank account? No, for security reasons, MoMo transfers typically only allow transfers to your linked accounts.
  • What if I don’t see a liquidation option in my MoMo app? Not all MoMo platforms offer in-app liquidation. Contact your MoMo provider’s customer support for guidance on alternative methods.


  • Always ensure you’re dealing with a registered MoMo agent to avoid scams.
  • Never share your MoMo PIN with anyone.
  • Keep your phone number and MoMo account details secure.

By following these steps and keeping these points in mind, you can easily liquidate your MoMo commission and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.


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