So you have a very pressing need that you need an urgent 2k loan to sort out very quickly? There are thousands of loan apps in Nigeria that will happily grant you that amount and even more in minutes with very little interest.

Of course, these loan apps will not ask you to provide any collateral to grant you such a small amount, and you can repay back in a week or two.

But like we said, there are more than a thousand loan apps on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store that will want you to register and apply with them. So how can you know which loan app exactly will really approve your application? That’s where this post comes in.

Here, we’ll take a look at loan apps in Nigeria that can borrow you 2k urgently. We’ll cover:

  • Popular loan apps in Nigeria that give instant loans of 2000 naira or more

Without wasting any more time, let’s begin:

10 Urgent 2K Loan Apps in Nigeria (Instant Approval)

Instant 2k loan in Nigeria

We will be dividing this list into two. First, we will see the licensed loan apps that can loan you 2k instantly. Then we will take a look at the list of unregistered loan apps also known as loan sharks that can grant you the amount in no time. Let’s proceed.

Registered Loan Apps to Borrow 2k Instant Loan From:

1. Okash

Okash is a loan app that is licensed by the CBN to operate as a money lender in the country. If you are applying for the first time, Okash can loan you up to 3k to repay within 2 weeks. This is a nice offer as the interest will be very low compared to what you will get from loan sharks. Okash also has favorable terms and conditions, and they won’t call your contacts if you default. So if you are ready to get that urgent 2k, download the Okash loan app from the App Store and get started with your application.

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2. PalmPay Flexi Cash

Flexi Cash loan is offered by the popular mobile banking app, PalmPay. With this product, you can easily and quickly borrow money from the PalmPay app and it will be credited to your PalmPay account within seconds. They charge a fixed daily interest rate of 20 naira for every 1000 naira borrowed. And since they are registered, they will not defame you if you default, however, their daily overdue charge can be on the high side.

Do you have a PalmPay account? If not, download the PalmPay app and sign up with the invite code BWG6QD to get an instant N600 added to your balance after your first transaction.

3. Fairmoney

You must have heard of Fairmoney, it is a very popular app that gives access to quick loans to Nigerians. It is another loan app that can help you with that urgent 2k loan you need. Fairmoney is a microfinance bank duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria. They give loans starting from as little as N1500 and you can repay within 2 weeks. Although Fairmoney is trusted, their interest rates lately have been on the high side, however, for a loan of just 2k, you can expect to pay a very minimal interest rate.

4. Easemoni

Like Okash, Easemoni is also owned by the owners of Opay. It is a licensed money lender that has been authorized by the CBN to lend money to borrowers. They can give a loan of as little as 2000 naira with a favorable interest rate. As a licensed money lender, Easemoni will not call your contacts to defame you if you default, but they will continuously add penalty charges to the overdue amount every day and will continue to call you several times a day until you pay off the loan. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to begin.

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5. PalmCredit

Palmcredit is the fifth CBN-licensed loan app on this list. It is owned by Newedge Finance Limited, a financial institution that opened in 2019. Palmcredit gives loans of as little as N1500 without collateral and documentation. To get started, download the Pamlcredit app on the App Store and register with your phone number and BVN to proceed.

6. Aella Credit

Another registered loan app that can borrow you 2k is Aella Credit. Their interest rate is minimal and you can be given up to a month to pay back the loan. You do not need any collateral for this 2k loan, just your BVN, phone number, and bank details will suffice. Aella Credit app is available on both app stores, so you can download the app and get started immediately.


Loan Sharks that Can Borrow You Urgent 2K

7. LinkCredit

LinkCredit is a loan shark that has not gotten a license from the CBN. Their interest rate is higher than most of the others and their repayment term is just 7 days. However, they can give you that urgent 2k you are looking for within some minutes. But you have to be certain you will be able to repay on time to prevent them from bombarding you with calls and ultimately extend those calls to your contacts.

8. Lcredit

Another unregistered loan app to borrow a 2k loan with instant approval is Lcredit. They operate under Cashigo International Limited and give loans from as little as 3k without collateral or paperwork. To apply, you just need your phone number, bank account details, and BVN. Their approval rate is high and the disbursal time is very swift. You can search for the Lcredit APK app on the Google search engine to register for a loan, as it is no longer on the Google Play Store.

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9. GoCash

GoCash is a loan app that can give you a loan of as little as 2000 naira. They are not registered and their interest rate can be on the high side. To partake in their loan offering, simply download the app from the App Store, register with your phone number and BVN, as well as submit the required details.

10. Mintbag

Rounding up our list of urgent 2k loan apps in Nigeria is Mintbag. Mintbag is an Android loan app by Phoenix Payment Solution Limited that promises to grant users loans. They do not require you to submit collateral or bring a guarantor, and you can get the loan approved within a few minutes if you qualify. Mintbag is not registered with the CBN although they have full approval from the FCCPC. You can check the Google Play Store for the app if interested.

Get Urgent 2K Loan Without Documentation

The above-listed apps have been confirmed to disburse loans of at least 2000 naira instantly if you qualify. However, it is recommended that you make use of only the licensed loan apps from this list so as to secure your privacy. Do you need an urgent 2k to sort out an expense? You now know how to get it!


Many loan apps change their interest rates and repayment terms over time. Always review the terms and conditions carefully before downloading any loan app. B4loan doesn't promote any loan app, we just help you make informed decisions.

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