EaseMoni, a well-known quick loan app in Nigeria, has raised questions about its status lately. Although the app is still working, some users have faced problems such as their loan applications getting rejected, difficulty accessing new loan amounts, and worries about the company’s future.

This post aims to tackle these worries and give clear details about EaseMoni’s current situation, including FAQs.

What’s the Situation with EaseMoni Right Now?

  • EaseMoni is currently running: You can still use their website and mobile app, and users can log in and manage their accounts.
  • Loan applications are still being handled: However, some users are experiencing rejections or delays.
  • Getting new loan amounts might be tricky: Users have reported having trouble accessing new loan amounts after paying off previous loans.

Possible Reasons for the Situation:

  • More demand: EaseMoni might be getting more loan applications, which could be making it hard for them to approve all requests or offer new loan amounts right away.
  • Changes in regulations: The rules for financial services in Nigeria are always changing, and EaseMoni might be adapting to these changes.
  • Changes within the company: EaseMoni might be making internal changes that affect how they process loans or offer new amounts.

What EaseMoni Says:

Unfortunately, EaseMoni hasn’t directly talked about these issues. However, their website and app terms say they can update their policies and procedures without telling users beforehand.

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What You Can Do:

  • Get in touch with EaseMoni: Contact their customer service team through the app, website, email (easemoni@blueridgemfb.com), or phone (+234 700 998 7769) to ask about your specific situation.
  • Look at other loan options: If your loan application is rejected or delayed, think about other licensed lenders in Nigeria. Make sure to compare rates, terms, and fees before choosing a new option.
  • Stay informed: Keep an eye on EaseMoni’s website and social media for any official updates or announcements.

Some Frequently Asked Questions About EaseMoni

Q: Is EaseMoni closing down?

  • A: There’s no official word on EaseMoni shutting down. But their current status suggests there might be changes happening.

Q: Why was my loan application rejected?

  • A: It could be because of things like a low credit score, missing information, reaching loan limits, or not meeting eligibility criteria. Contact EaseMoni to get more details.

Q: Why can’t I get a new loan amount?

  • A: It might be because of more loan requests, changes within the company, or your repayment history. Contact EaseMoni to find out why.

Q: Are there other loan options?

  • A: Yes, there are several licensed lenders in Nigeria. Do some research and compare your options before picking a new lender.


  • This info is based on what’s publicly available and what users have reported.
  • Always be careful when dealing with financial institutions and lenders.
  • Only borrow what you can pay back, and make sure you understand all the terms and conditions before getting any loan.

We hope this post helps clear up what’s going on with EaseMoni and gives you useful info. Remember, this isn’t an official statement from EaseMoni, so it’s best to contact them directly for specific questions.

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