Raven Bank App: Is Raven Bank Legit?

This article is specifically written to answer some frequently asked questions about Raven Bank. However, if there’s a question left out unanswered please let’s know in the comments section.

Many questions which has to do with Raven bank such as “Is Raven bank Legit”, who is the owner of Raven bank, what is the Raven bank used for, is Raven a bank, where is Raven bank located, is Raven bank approved by CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria) how do I open Raven bank account, how do I make money on Raven bank referral program, Raven bank ussd code with the Raven bank transfer code to transfer money to banks will be given answers to in this very article.

However, it’s crucial you read this article till the end for you to be knowledgeable of exactly what Raven bank is all about and how it works.

About RavenBank Platform

Raven Bank App: Is Raven Bank Legit?

Raven Bank App: Is Raven Bank Legit?

Raven bank is a digital banking platform dedicated to provide fast, reliable, safest and the most easy to use financial services to every user’s without stress.

It is more faster when you use Raven bank USSD code to perform transaction.

At ravenbank, they ensure they work tirelessly to make sure the needs of the user’s are met at the right time.

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The Covid-19 which breakout in early year 2020 had restricted a lot of people to visiting the local banking and that is one of the reasons ravenbank takes up the charge to provide a very simple and easy to access banking without the need to visit the bank.

You can also open account with Kuda digital bank and enjoy the many benefits offered.

How RavenBank Started

Raven digital banking started in early 2021, the following year of the Covid-19 breakout, that was March 2021.

The platform began it’s activities with just 5000 users and currently had over 250,000 users as at the time of writing this article.

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Raven Bank Services

Currently, the company provides fast banking services such as payment deposit, bills payment, loan service cash transfer, provision of virtual cards to customers, long term savings with actual interest etc.

The company may however add more features in times to come.

Raven Bank App: Is Raven Bank Legit

Raven Bank App: Is Raven Bank Legit

Raven Bank Most Asked Questions

Below, you will see the Raven bank most asked questions including the answers provided to each of them.

1. Who Is The Owner Of Raven Bank?

This is one of the most asked questions about Raven banking platform.

The Raven Digital banking platform was launched and head by Mr Unchenna E. Nnodim alongside his Co founder or partners.

In this Raven bank Review, another Important thing you should know about the platform is what exactly it’s been used for.

Guessing may not accurately give you the real result, that is why this article is provided to give you insight on what exactly it entails.

The Raven platform enable user’s to carry out monetary transactions.

Raven digital bank user’s can transfer money to another Raven user’s including another banks free of charge online or by using the Raven bank transfer code, they provide loans to user’s and the many services mentioned earlier.

2. Is Raven Bank Legit In 2023

One of the most asked questions about Raven bank App is, Is Raven bank legit?

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Currently, according to the many user’s reviews, Raven bank app tends to be a legitimate banking platform and safe for all to use in Africa.

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3. Who Is The Owner Of Raven Bank App?

As said earlier, the Raven banking platform was founded and head by a man named Unchenna E. Nnodim with his Co partners.

4. Is Raven A Bank?

According to the founder’s speech, Raven is the people’s digital bank which began its activities in Africa.

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The founder provide digital banking services to suit every user’s needs and to make people bank and perform transactions in the comfort of their homes.

5. Where Is Raven Bank Located?

Though, Raven bank app is an online banking platform, yet, they shows their legitimacy by having a physical office in Lagos, Nigeria.

The physical location address is plot 20 Layi Yusuf Crescent, Lagos Island 500001, Lekki.

And for those asking is Raven bank Legit?, This will make you rest assured that they are absolutely legit.

6. Is Raven Bank Approved By CBN?

Yes, no mobile banking can operate in any part of Nigeria without initial approval by CBN, Raven bank is approved by CBN (Central Bank Of Nigeria) and they operate legitimately in the country.

Although some indulge in unlawful activities by boycotting the CBN approval. We can’t say all mobile banking are approved by CBN.

However, as far as Raven bank is concern, We’re assuring that Raven bank is a CBN approved banking.

You can effortlessly bank with them without fear. “Is Raven bank legit”?

Our answer remains “Yes”.

However, you may also learn more about the Raven bank app on their main website here to learn more about them, though every needed vital informations as been provided in this article.

7. How Do I Open Raven Bank Account?

The answer to how do I open raven bank account is simple and straight forward.

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Opening Raven bank account can only take you a minute or less if you follow the step by step guides.

To open Raven bank account, kindly tap here and once you get to the platform, enter all the required informations and click sign up.

That’s all. You will be redirected to the login page immediately.

8. How Do I Make Money On Raven Referral Program?

Affiliate marketing remains one of the strongest ways to make money online today.

It’s a way to make money by getting commission from purchase made or lead generated.

You can also join Raven Referral Programme to make money in 2023 by signing up with them and in your dashboard, you will find your Raven bank referral programme link which was assigned only to you.

Note: If the person only tap the link but didn’t sign up, you will not earn from it.

However, you may guide them through and confirmed that they have successfully completed their verification processes required.

9. How Much Can You Earn From Raven Referral Programme In 2023?

The amount of money you can make from Raven bank referral program is unlimited and absolutely left to you.

It all depends on how serious you are.

However, the more you refer the more you earn.

10. Is Raven Bank Legit Or Scam & Will I Get Paid My Earnings?

Raven bank is legit.

Since the year of existence, ravenbank has been paying its affiliates member and that is one of the reasons they were able to move from 5000 to 25,0000.

11. How Much Can I Make From Raven Bank Referral Programme?

For each successful referral made, you earn N1,000 only and the more you refer the more you earn.

Rounding Up

In this article, you have learnt many things ranging from ‘ Is Raven Bank Legit to how much you can make from Raven Bank Referral Program.

Anyone can also join Raven bank referral program to enjoy the full benefits of the platform.

You don’t necessarily need to own a website.

You can share your Raven Bank Referral Program link to social media and earn on every successful refer.

Raven bank app is not the first, second or third banking platform in Nigeria, yet they are still able to meet up the standard.

When it comes to customers satisfaction, little to none of the customers have issue with this.

If truly we’re able to give answer to your question” Is raven bank legit” please do let us know in the comments section.


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