As an iPhone user, you know there are limited loan apps on the Apple App Store that you can use to borrow money. Most loan companies only cater to Android device because of its huge user base. But what if you need urgent cash, and an iPhone is the only device you have, are you then out of luck? Far from it! Despite the limitation, there are still numerous loan apps on the App Store that are designed for iPhone users and in this post, we will be seeing 10 highly-rated ones.

This list of paying iPhone loan apps includes those licensed by the CBN and those that are not. So if you are strapped for cash and don’t mind paying interest on money borrowed, these loan apps are your go-to options.

What we’ll cover:

  • Popular iPhone loan apps in Nigeria
  • Factors you need to consider before choosing a loan app
  • The loan application process
  • FAQs about loan apps in Nigeria

Without much ado, let’s kick off the proceedings:

10 Best Loan Apps For iPhone in Nigeria

1. Renmoney

A reliable loan app for iPhone users! Renmoney is your one-stop shop for quick and convenient loans, savings, and investments right on your iPhone. With this app, you do not have to worry about looking for an Android device to borrow, as you can borrow between ₦6,000 to ₦6,000,000 for your personal or business needs on an iPhone. Renmoney loans come with flexible repayment options (1-24 months), and low-interest rates. The transactions are secured and protected by industry-leading standards.

2. Umba

Umba is a CBN-licensed app that makes managing your money simple and fast! With their easy-to-use app, you can get instant cash loans, pay bills, and transfer money directly from your iPhone. Whether you need a little extra cash for unexpected expenses or want to stay on top of your finances effortlessly, Umba has you covered. You’ll get quick loan approvals, flexible repayment options, and the ability to pay all your bills right from your phone.

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3. Carbon

Want to borrow money or manage your finances using your iPhone? Carbon’s app makes it easy! You can borrow up to ₦1,000,000 and use it for unexpected expenses or to follow your dreams. You get to choose your repayment plan and there are no hidden charges. Beyond loans, Carbon also has savings plans and you can be rewarded with up to 15.5% in annual interest on the total amount saved. Download the Carbon now and take control of your finances, your way!

4. FairMoney

iPhone loan app

Fairmoney is arguably the most popular loan app in Nigeria today. Established in 2017, this app caters to iPhone users who need quick funds to take care of expenses. With the Fairmoney loan app, you can borrow up to 2 million naira and pay back over several months. Although the interest rates on Fairmoney loans may be higher than those of other apps mentioned above, it is a licensed loan app that also operates as a microfinance bank. Fairmoney will never contact your contacts to defame you and will give you the option to extend your loan if you feel you can’t meet the due date.

5. Aella App

This loan app is perfect for first-time borrowers. The interest rate is not too high, and you can borrow even a small amount. The application process is quick and easy with just your BVN and other basic information needed. If you are struggling to get a loan from other loan apps, try Aella and you might just be offered a loan. You can even invest in the app, buy airtime, and pay bills conveniently. So the next time you are thinking of a loan app for iPhone in Nigeria, think Aella App.

6. Flexi Cash

A product of Rockit Lenders Nig. Limited, Flexi Cash is a loan app licensed by the FCCPC that can lend you between 2000 naira to 500,000 naira on your iPhone. While the interest on the loans is not much, they have a shorter repayment term than most apps on this list with their plan falling between 7 days and a month. If you have a pressing need that requires little cash, then the Flexi Cash loan app for iPhone can be an option. Just make sure you are up to 18, and have a source of income before you apply.

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7. ALAT by Wema Bank

We all know of Wema Bank, and we know they have physical branches scattered all over Nigeria. But do you know they have a digital bank now? Oh yes, they do, and this bank is called Alat. With the Alat app, you can create a functional bank account, pay bills, buy airtime, save, and even get a loan.  Alat offers different types of loan products for different kinds of users. They have salary-based loans for salary earners, they have personal loans, they offer payday loans, and they even have loans for those who need to buy a new phone. All these loans come with the lowest interest rates you can think of. What’s more, this app is available to download on your iPhone device.

8. Page Financials

Page Financials is another CBN-licensed loan app iPhone users can use to borrow cash without collateral. They offer quick loans with low interest rates that can be repaid at your convenience. Whether you need a quick fix for unexpected expenses or a boost to start a business, Page Financials tailors loan options to your unique needs. Their app is user-friendly which only makes for a smooth application process, and their flexible repayment plans enable you to manage your loans comfortably. Download Page Financials today and unlock a world of financial possibilities, all from the convenience of your iPhone.

9. Kredi Bank

Kredi Bank makes getting loans on your iPhone safe and easy. Approved by the CBN, they offer a trustworthy platform to borrow money instantly. With Kredi Bank, you can borrow up to ₦500,000 with clear terms and fair interest rates. Their app is easy to use, so applying for a loan is quick and simple. Kredi Bank cares about your financial health, offering tools and advice to help you manage your money better. Pick Kredi Bank for a safe and smooth loan experience on your iPhone.

10. Monthly NG

Wrapping up our list of loan apps for iPhone devices in Nigeria is Monthly NG. This loan app is not your usual one, as what they offer are loans to cover your rent. For those of you, iPhone users whose rent has expired or are about to, Monthly NG can help you clear your rent expenses up to a whooping sum of 5 million naira while you pay back at a later date. Just make sure you are living in Lagos, above 18 years of age, and earning at least 100k per month before you apply.

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General Requirements for Getting Loans on Your iPhone in Nigeria with the Listed Apps

To qualify for a loan with the above iPhone loan apps in Nigeria, here is mostly what you need:

Basic Requirements:

  1. Be Nigerian or legally live in Nigeria: You’ll likely need to show a valid ID card or National Identity Number (NIN).
  2. Be at least 18 years old.
  3. Have a way to prove your income: This could be from a job, business, or freelance work.
  4. Have an active bank account: You’ll use it to get and repay your loan.

Extra Stuff You Might Need:

  1. BVN (Bank Verification Number): Most apps want this to check your identity and creditworthiness.
  2. Your own phone number: You’ll need a Nigerian phone number under your name for app use and communication.
  3. A smartphone and internet: You’ll need these to download and use the loan app.
  4. Good credit history (sometimes): While not always required, having a good record of repaying loans can help you get approved faster and maybe even get better loan terms.

The Loan Application Process

The journey of applying for a loan through various apps is usually straightforward. First, you’ll download the specific loan app you’re interested in from either the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. Once installed, open the app, and proceed to create an account by providing basic personal details like your name, contact info, and bank account information. After completing your application, the app will review it and notify you of your approval status. If approved, your loan will be disbursed within minutes or hours.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Loan App

Before deciding on any of the loan apps listed, make sure you give deep thought to the following factors:

Before you choose a loan app, it’s important to consider a few factors:

  • Loan amount: How much money do you need and will you be able to pay it back?
  • Interest rate: Is the interest rate on the loan too high? Are there better options?
  • Repayment terms: How much time are they giving me to repay the loan?
  • Fees: What are the fees involved? Will there be any application fee? What are the penalties for late repayment?
  • Reputation: Is this app legit? Does it have good reviews? Is the loan app licensed by a governing body in Nigeria?

Note: Borrowing money is a decision that must not be taken lightly so you must be very sure of the above before you tap on that “Apply” button.


Many loan apps change their interest rates and repayment terms over time. Always review the terms and conditions carefully before downloading any loan app. B4loan doesn't promote any loan app, we just help you make informed decisions.

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