Does Okash Call Your Contacts? What You Must Know

Taking a loan through mobile apps like Okash can be a quick and convenient solution for immediate financial needs. However, concerns often arise about data privacy and debt collection practices. One of the biggest worries for many borrowers is: Does Okash call your contacts if you don’t repay your loan?

The answer is complex and depends on several factors. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know:

Okash requested permissions:

When you download and launch the Okash app, it will request several permissions. These permissions include:

  • Camera: This allows Okash to take photos or videos for ID verification or loan-related purposes.
  • Calendar: Enables Okash to access your calendar events, which could be used for assessing your financial stability or scheduling repayment reminders.
  • Phone: Grants access to your phone’s features like app data, making calls, managing call logs, and potentially reading phone numbers (though not necessarily full contact information).
  • Location: Allows Okash to track your location, which might be used for security purposes or assessing your creditworthiness based on your area.
  • SMS: Permits Okash to send and receive SMS messages, for sending loan updates, reminders, or even automated collection messages (depending on local regulations).

Officially, Okash states:

  • They do not share your data with third parties without your consent.
  • They may contact your emergency contact as part of the verification process during loan application.
  • They might also reach out to your emergency contacts for debt collection if you default on your loan and fail to respond to their attempts to reach you.
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However, it’s important to understand:

While Okash officially states that their staff will not contact your non-emergency contacts for debt collection, some borrowers have reported receiving calls from individuals claiming to represent Okash who reach out to these non-emergency contacts.

To protect yourself:

  • Read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to anything. Pay close attention to the permissions you grant the app.
  • Only share your emergency contact information if necessary. Consider using a temporary number if uncomfortable.
  • Communicate with Okash promptly if you are facing repayment difficulties. Negotiate a repayment plan or seek help from financial advisors.
  • If Okash contacts your contacts unfairly, report them to the relevant authorities. You can reach out to the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) or the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC).


Q: Can I deny Okash access to my contacts?

  • Unfortunately, denying access to contacts might affect your loan eligibility.

Q: What if Okash calls my contacts without my consent?

  • If Okash violates your privacy or resorts to unethical debt collection practices, you can report them to relevant authorities or seek legal advice.

Q: Are there other loan apps that call contacts?

  • Yes, many loan apps have similar practices. Be cautious and choose reputable lenders.

Q: What alternative loan options are available?

Remember: Responsible borrowing and understanding the terms of your loan agreement are crucial to avoid unwanted situations. If you have further concerns, reach out to Okash customer support or seek legal advice.

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