“Can Opay receive money from abroad?” “Can I use my Opay account to receive dollars?” We hear these questions frequently, and rightfully so. Opay has transformed the banking scene for many Nigerians. Thanks to them, many Nigerians who once never imagined owning a bank account now have one. With these accounts, they can easily send and receive money within the country.

But what about international transactions? If someone from overseas wants to send you money, can your Opay account handle it? B4Loan reached out to Opay to get a definitive answer.

Can you use your Opay account to receive money from friends and family who live abroad?

We know that in the past, level 2 and above users on the Opay mobile banking platform enjoyed the benefit of accepting international transfers from over 50 countries, including the US, UK, and Canada. This was possible thanks to an agreement Opay reached with WorldRemit in 2020. However, it appears that this deal has since fallen through.

As of January 2024, Opay accounts can only perform transactions at the local level. They cannot receive money from overseas, nor can they accept foreign currencies.

Can I use my Opay card for international transactions?

Unfortunately, you cannot. The Opay card, whether virtual or physical, supports only online payments within Nigeria. If you wish to make an international purchase, you’d need to obtain a dollar card.

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How do I receive payments in dollars from abroad?

Even though you cannot use your Opay account to receive funds from abroad, you can still get those payments right here in Nigeria. How? You may ask. By using either a domiciliary account or a fintech platform like Grey.

1. Domiciliary account

With a domiciliary account in a Nigerian bank, you can receive international wire transfers, especially in USD. Provide the sender with your account details, including the SWIFT code and routing number. Funds should arrive in 72 hours, though sometimes it may take longer. To access the money, visit your bank branch and either withdraw in cash or convert to naira.

2. Grey

Grey offers a seamless banking service for Nigerians to receive US Dollars, Pounds, or Euros without the hassle of traditional domiciliary accounts. With Grey, you can:

  • Open a USD/UK/Euro account using just a smartphone, valid ID, and internet connection.
  • Enjoy low withdrawal fees and competitive conversion rates.
  • Make instant withdrawals directly to your local bank account.
  • Secure an IBAN and Routing number, ideal for official transactions.
  • Convert your funds into multiple currencies effortlessly.

To set up your Grey USD account:

  1. Sign up for a Grey account using the referral code CRO7OE
  2. Complete the biodata form using your government-issued ID details.
  3. Upload the requested ID and a utility bill for verification.
  4. Access your Dashboard, tap on “Accounts & Reports,” then ‘Request USD Account’.
  5. Your USD account details will be instantly provided.

With a Grey account, you can avoid the high fees that banks usually charge when receiving payments with a domiciliary account. Simply download the Grey app on the Play Store or iOS App Store to get started.

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Even though Opay is great and has made sending and receiving money in Nigeria a breeze, you can not rely on it to get funds from your family and friends outside the country. Not to worry though, as there are other solutions.

By walking into any of your local bank branches, you can request a domiciliary account and send the account details to your people outside. There is also the ever-reliable Grey that comes in handy for such needs. With Grey, you’re not only getting the convenience but also saving on unnecessary fees.

In essence, while Opay might not cater to your international needs, there are still simple, effective ways to receive international funds right here in Nigeria. Stay informed and pick the solution that works best for you!


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